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Greenlight’s Tips To Make 2021 A Great Year! - Featured image

At the moment, with so many new businesses being created through the pandemic but also plenty of existing companies struggling, it is crucial that companies fully utilise their IT, Telecoms, and Digital Marketing. Below, Greenlight have highlighted how our group can help your company start 2021 right!

Greenlight Computers

Now is the perfect time to move your business’ IT to the Cloud. Once this has been accomplished, it will increase your flexibility, enable effective Working From Home and support any and all mobile operations. Successfully and efficiently using your IT as an effective tool could help support your company and your staff through this difficult time and out the other side into 2021.

The Greenlight Computers standard is:

  • Microsoft Azure for your Servers
  • Microsoft 365 for Email
  • Office suite, ESET for User Security
  • Acronis for Backup.

Greenlight Telecoms

Greenlight Telecoms recommends our fantastic Cloud Hosted VOIP with the Mobile App. With 2025 looming, it is a critical time for companies to immediately start or finish moving their Telecoms to the Cloud. This system allows you to work efficiently from everywhere and anywhere with all the complete functionality at half the cost of legacy analogue phone systems.

Greenlight Web

Leaving 2020 behind and moving forward into 2021 it is the perfect time to take the opportunity to review your brand and how present you are on the Web. Businesses can now approach their local councils as many are offering a Covid-19 recovery grant to refresh your digital marketing and online presence. Greenlight Web are a team of specialists who are highly skilled at; designing new brands & rebranding, develop new websites to a high standard (designed for you that Google indexes quickly) and handle the SEO to catapult your business forward.

If your business goal is to accelerate in 2021 then leverage Social Media to generate followers on the platforms used by your target clients. Take advantage of our LinkedIn exploitation workshop that would benefit your management team massively. Contact us to find out more!

Let’s work together to make 2021 a fantastic year for our businesses, let the Phoenix rise from the ashes and put 2020 behind us and into the history books.