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The Importance of UI/UX in Defining Your Brand

The Importance of UI/UX in Defining Your Brand - Key image

One question that I get from clients whenever we talk about the importance of good design when creating a website is, ‘What is the difference between UI and UX design and how do the two elements A – play a part in engaging users, getting them to spend time on your site, and B – help achieve a favourable website ranking within search engines, once the website is live? …A great question indeed.

What are UI and UX?

UI stands for User Interface Design and UX is User Experience Design. Both of these are crucial to a website and are interconnected. While UX is more on the technical side, UI is somewhat close to graphic design.

Well-designed websites will help your business reach, attract, engage, and convert leads but to achieve this, you need to provide the best experience to your visitors. The guys at ‘Yasza Media’ have summed up nicely why good UX and UI design is so important to the success of any new website.
You will agree, an interesting subject, one we at Greenlight pay particular attention to and delight at any opportunity to discuss in greater depth with our clients.

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