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Marketing Research and Reporting

Greenlight Web encourages clients to benchmark regularly and learn from competitors, comparable industries, and internet growth specialists. We work hard to ensure our knowledge of search engine algorithms and coding techniques differentiates our clients in a congested digital world.

Introduction to marketing research and reporting

To best produce a marketing service, the only place to start is to review your existing position and analyse the direction in which your business wants to head. With our professional guidance, we can set the picture of where your business positions itself, what your competitors are doing and how best to develop a marketing strategy that will exploit the opportunities available. Your competitors will be doing the same, so it’s also important to regularly benchmark your progress.

We have completed numerous competitive research projects over the years and are happy to discuss your thoughts on what’s important. We have just highlighted some of the regular exercises we provide below.

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Research and reporting services from Greenlight Web

Some clients have a one-off audit completed and then ignore the findings, the successful and growing client will repeat the exercise regularly to learn, adapt and improve then test again.

Website Audits

SEO, Speed and Security Website Auditing using AI tools means these processes are not costly to run or interpret. A regular quarterly audit is a common request.

A beautiful website is nothing without measuring three vital metrics that are the backbone of any website. At Greenlight Web, we audit the SEO, speed, and security of client websites to see where the gaps lie. The grades we receive are from A+ to F, meaning it is an easy brief look of how your website is ranking and more importantly, the steps to take to improve. Remember, not only are such auditing grades beneficial for gaining insight, but such tests can be performed on your competitors too.

The users of your website will be delighted with a more optimised and secure website, and so will search engines.

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Digital Benchmarking

Competitive Benchmarking

A key phase for any business wanting to enter a market, is to understand the competitive landscape. What are the competitors doing, where are the exploitable metrics and where is nobody paying attention? To benchmark your competitors, Greenlight Web take the legwork out of it for you.

With a professional document to show at the end of our teams’ analysis, we set out the trajectory of where we intend to aim your marketing and why. Whether that be with videos on YouTube that none of your competitors are doing, or better localisation. There are countless opportunities for businesses, no matter the size.

With a recent client starting a new brand in a very congested consumer market our competitive benchmarking showed that the top 5 UK competitors all manufactured outside the UK. This enabled us to differentiate the client’s brand and position them as one of the top 5 but the only one UK based. A great surge of traffic and interest from a little bit of research.

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Competitor analysis

KPIs and Performance Analysis

There is nothing worse than an agency continuously changing the KPIs to avoid showing you trends. At Greenlight Web, we propose and agree on a set of KPIs at the start of a marketing service and monitor the same metrics in the same way each month.

When you have trends, you can monitor why things have changed and how you can adjust for the following period. You can also identify when search engines have changed their algorithms and adapt your content.

In the world of E-commerce, KPIs are monitored and adjusted daily, but in most B2B settings, monthly monitoring and a quarterly detailed review are the logical things to budget for.

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Google Analytics and Search Console – give you regular measures of success

The Google Analytics suite of tools is very comprehensive in its analysis, but it’s a bit awkward to use out of the box. It’s designed for digital marketers, not the average Joe.

At the start of a new client relationship or the build of a new website Greenlight Web SEO experts will check the configurations of your Google Analytics and Search Console reporting dashboard to ensure it can provide the trend data important to your business.

Even our experts discover new features every day and we have a plethora of other tools at our disposal to complete in depth reviews of our clients’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the competitive world of digital marketing.

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The Greenlight Web team researches and analyses numerous websites and social media followings every month. Is that something you need?

Confidential consultations are free of charge with Greenlight Web.