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Greenlight’s Tips To Make 2021 A Great Year!


Greenlight’s Tips To Make 2021 A Great Year! At the moment, with so many new businesses being created through the pandemic but also plenty of existing companies struggling, it is crucial that companies fully utilise their IT, Telecoms, and Digital Marketing. Below, Greenlight have highlighted how our group can help your company start 2021 right! Greenlight Computers Now is the perfect time to move your business’ IT to the Cloud. Once this has been accomplished, it will increase your flexibility, enable effective Working From Home and support any and all mobile operations. Successfully and efficiently [...]

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The Fight Against Cyber Crime Escalates


The Fight Against Cyber Crime Escalates Cyber threats continue to grow, sadly, during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown across the globe. The press is full of nightmare stories, but the big players are battling hard to keep us all safe. Here are some examples that act as both: Warning to be vigilant (if in doubt don’t click) and Confidence that the IT industry is pushing hard to stop the criminals Links to the best articles, commentaries and tips to protect yourselves online. From BBC news Google blocking 18m coronavirus scam emails every day. Coronavirus: How hackers are preying on fears [...]

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Your Digital Marketing Presence is Key to 21st Century Success


Your Digital Marketing Presence is Key to 21st Century Success 75% of the World is now Working from Home, physical meetings are off the agenda, so your Digital Marketing is where you will be seen (or not). • Don’t sit there with an Unsecure website, nobody will call you. • If you have products to sell why not package them up and sell them through an E-Shop, we have recently built an E-Shop in two days with 15 products for sale, you should too!! • Make your Digital Marketing a Board level discussion, the competition certainly will be. • Do [...]

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Advantages of Working From Home


Advantages of Working from Home Advantages of Working From Home. After an initial flourish of project cancellations, the Digital Marketing industry is starting to report slightly better news. Businesses are realising that 12 weeks out maybe the ideal opportunity to focus on the long await rebrand. Working from home is offering key marketing staff time to concentrate on new messages the business wishes to give to its clients in 2020, new product and service offerings that demonstrate innovation and the springboard of a modernised brand. For those agencies targeting recognition for great work, the D&AD Awards [...]

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