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Web Design and Development

Greenlight Web is a web design agency that creates visually appealing and user-friendly websites that drive engagement and conversions.

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Introduction to web design and development

Web design and development is the process of creating a website for a client that represents their business in an easy to absorb way to prospective or existing clients. Web design delivers the look and feel of the website whilst web development provides the functionality, combined these elements define the user experience and the search engine visibility.

Greenlight Web has delivered many types of websites over the years, but four types of websites are commonly needed:

Starter website – often needed by a start up business, university spinout etc. typically a simple WordPress site with basic pages to announce the company and its products and services. Greenlight Web has regularly built starter websites on a “buy now, pay later” basis where we believe in the business plan of the client.

Brochure website – this is the most common site type for B2B trading businesses who want to showcase their products, services, skills and experience. Demonstrating subject authority through well-crafted content, case studies and call-to-action prompts as the site makes the business visible to potential buyers or investors. Greenlight Web often works with Life Science businesses where funding is the objective and the quality of the brochure site influences investor interest.

E-commerce website – largely used by clients trading B2C and having products they wish to sell directly from the website. Using platforms such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce the Greenlight Web team will work closely with the client to see which platform is best suited to their needs. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses and understanding the long-term business plan is essential to building a sustainable website to enable growth for the client.

Bespoke corporate website – Greenlight web has developed or rebranded websites in excess of 1,000 pages of content that demonstrate the client’s full history. Showcasing products and services, case study portfolios, active news, events, blog posts and interactive, secure portals for their clients are just some of the varied features requested and delivered by our team. Over recent years the development of pillar pages has been key to website performance as we create landing pages that search engines will rank highly as evidence of topic authority.

Key elements of web design and development

Web design and development is a large field of activity, to keep it simple we have created some introductory details below and links to more in depth examples of our work.

Domain Registration

Selecting a suitable name for your business and checking domain name availability is the first step to building your web presence.

Domain registration is a congested world so if you have a business name in mind the Greenlight Web team will complete some Free of Charge research into the availability of your domain, variations of the name and potential copyright issues with other websites.

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Website Hosting

Depending on the nature of the website your business needs, Greenlight Web will identify the ideal hosting platform for the website.

Website hosting is not an expensive service, but bad hosting can have a dramatic effect on the performance of the website. Greenlight will ensure the hosting platform we recommend has strong security with SSL certification, regular backup, fast page speed and space to grow.

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Web Design

Greenlight Web has an experienced web design team that is always looking for the next exciting project and researching the latest tools and techniques to design fresh and inspiring websites.

We design websites with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) built in from the beginning, and each site is designed for mobile, tablet and desktop display as each format requires slight variation to achieve the best impact and user experience (UX).

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Development process

Web Development

The Greenlight Web development team is highly skilled and very patient, essential traits for working with clients who inevitably make content changes regularly before the new website goes live.

Greenlight Web develop new and supports existing websites, most commonly WordPress or Shopify. We have converted many old, unloved websites into some of the best in their industry. We’ve developed responsive websites for many of our sister company Greenlight Computers clients.

Our experienced designers and developers work closely together to ensure that the look and feel of the website dovetail perfectly with the development coding and create exceptional showcase websites for our clients.

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Website Security

Greenlight Web selects hosting platforms, website plugins and develops website code with continuous testing of security on the site.

Monitoring website cyber security for our clients means that we are always one step ahead of the malicious actors of the world. From our secured hosting platform to password management solutions. We take cyber security seriously. We partner with some of the largest website security testing companies in the world to ensure that our websites remain secure. On top, notifications are sent whenever an update is needed for one of our hosted websites.

The multifactor security options available through Greenlight Web take us to the next level as a Digital Marketing solutions provider. Considerations for things such as website headers or login details are the often-overlooked ugly sisters of Digital Marketing. We are a provider that takes you beyond a beautiful design.

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Cyber Security

Website Maintenance

Greenlight Web offers regular maintenance on all hosted websites, maintaining the website code is essential to maintaining the websites security.

As a minimum a starter website may require maintenance each quarter, most commonly for brochure websites it’s a monthly activity but with corporate or e-commerce sites it may be more regular depending on the volume of changes on the website.

Preventing website issues through regular maintenance can be as little as 1 hour per month but not doing maintenance can result in broken contact forms, security risk and search engine ranking reductions.

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WordPress Helpdesk

Greenlight Web prides itself on responsive client support. Our parent company, Greenlight Computers, provides IT Managed Services with same-day response to issues. We have adopted that service approach to support clients and potential clients via our WordPress helpdesk.

If you have a WordPress website that isn’t being maintained as you would like, Greenlight Web is here to help. You may require a quick fix, a website performance audit, or a new, more responsive partner. In any scenario, if you need help, we will respond quickly.

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The Greenlight Web team loves to work on new and interesting website design and development projects. If you believe we can help your business, please contact us via the form on this site.

Confidential consultations are free of charge with Greenlight Web.