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Meta PPC, Ad Objectives, What Are They and How to Use Them

Meta ads are the amalgamation of PPC (Pay-per-click) across all the owned Meta platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. With over 3 billion users across the Meta family of products, it is easy to see why there is an audience for most businesses to pursue through PPC. Currently, there are no paid advertisements…

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JIM - Launching A New Brand With A Modest Budget

Launching a new brand with a modest budget

After many years of helping clients rebrand or launch new services the Greenlight Web team are proud to be marketing one of our own Greenlight Innovates brands, JIM Jobs in Manchester In the highly competitive Job Board market our solution appears unique, totally focussed on a single Geographic area of Manchester. Most job boards build…

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100% Increase In LinkedIn Followers In 3 Months

100% Increase in LinkedIn Followers in 3 Months

The Greenlight Web team are completely focussed on the growth of their clients through great marketing and occasionally we step back and look at our own gaps. In 2023 we have created a new website that showcases some of our work and demonstrates the breadth of skills the team has The table below shows…

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Social Media For Business | Greenlight Web

Social Media for Business

Our small but beautifully formed team at Greenlight Web do some great things that really help our clients become more visible and generate leads. We felt it was time to start sharing a few of the “tricks of the trade” that anyone looking to boost their company visibility can do. Brand Protection – Know Your…

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The impact of LinkedIn Posts on Website Visitors

Lots of conversation goes on around the use of Social Media and its potential impact on website traffic, so we thought it would be useful to investigate for real evidence. We started with the question “Is there correlation between LinkedIn posts and website visitors and what factors influence the correlation?” and put this into ChatGPT.…

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Greenlight’s Tips To Make 2021 A Great Year! - Featured image

Greenlight’s Tips To Make 2021 A Great Year!

At the moment, with so many new businesses being created through the pandemic but also plenty of existing companies struggling, it is crucial that companies fully utilise their IT, Telecoms, and Digital Marketing. Below, Greenlight have highlighted how our group can help your company start 2021 right! Greenlight Computers Now is the perfect time to…

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