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The best digital marketing company in Manchester


Greenlight Web is one of many excellent digital marketing companies in Manchester, at last count over 150, so how do you choose?

The key point to note is that no agency can claim to be the best at everything: some agencies are stronger at design and build of websites, others specialise in SEO services or marketing strategy or PPC etc.

To select the right agency for your business the key is to understand your company strategy and what you need marketing for?

  • If you are selling product B2C you need an agency with expertise in e-commerce, SEO, PPC and Social Media.
  • If you are working in R&D and appeal to funders you will need an agency with expertise in brochure websites,  brand design, website security and Linked In.
  • If you are working in B2B services you will need an agency who has real content, SEO, brand visibility and lead generation services.

Greenlight Web has clients in all three of these areas as an all-round agency, but most people recognise us for the following strengths:

  1. Marketing strategy and finding the best skills internal and external for our client’s strategy.
  2. Well designed WordPress brochure websites for B2B service clients.
  3. Hosting, maintenance and website security, essential as many of our clients are in the Life Science sector where visibility to business partners is key, public visibility is restricted deliberately.
  4. SEO & PPC (Google & Metaverse) services to get the best visibility for our clients.
  5. Total focus on outcomes and the metrics needed to track success trends.
  6. Our key differentiator is responsiveness: as part of the Greenlight Computers group our total focus is on responsive support and digital marketing is treated in the same way.

We work with partners in areas such as:

  • Market centric content writing, we can’t be experts in every industry, so we find partners who are.
  • Printed merchandise.
  • Multi-lingual translation.
  • Video content and animation.

When choosing the best agency for your business please add Greenlight Web to your shortlist if our strengths are a good fit with your objectives.