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Greenlight Web is a web design agency that builds brands through long-term partnerships, depth of understanding and expertise built from extensive research.

Introduction to branding

A successful brand is born of an understanding of the consumer’s needs and expectations. The Greenlight Web digital team takes time to listen to clients and works in partnership to develop brand identities and brand stories that engage and positively impact consumers’ everyday decision-making.

More than just a logo, a brand helps shape people’s perceptions of your business. It encapsulates everything your customers think and feel about the products and services you offer. A strong brand will provide enormous value to your company, helping it stand out in the crowd and giving it a ‘competitive edge’ over others in your industry – This then enables you to engage and influence your target customers.

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Key elements of branding considerations for business

Branding provides the first impression of your company, so it needs detailed consideration. To keep it simple, we have created some introductory details below and links to more in-depth examples of our work.

Brand Design

The Greenlight Web design team sees ‘Branding’ from a business perspective, a huge topic of conversation that has existed for centuries going back to times when simple brands were used purely to determine ownership. In the modern era we can characterise the word ‘Brand’ as being the ‘defining’ or ‘unique’ feature that sets a business apart from its competitors. In other words, your brand defines the unique way you do what you do and is the story you tell your audience at every communication touchpoint.

The visual look and feel of your brand is defined by your ‘brand logo’, your palette of colours and the ‘tone of voice’ of your messaging, all coming together to create your unique ‘brand identity’. This identity is how your customers identify your business and its products and services. It is how they recognise and experience what you do and, importantly, where your customers create and store ‘Brand Equity’ – perceived value to the benefit of the brand’s customers, owners and shareholders.

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Large scale digital and printed signage to showcase a brand or a specific offer is visible on every street and in every public building.

The Greenlight Web design team have many decades of experience in making their clients standout in all sorts of locations from designing for roundabout signs, building exteriors or on-screen presentations.

Every project is bespoke, but the principles are the same, effective imagery, easy knowledge transfer and the wow factor will make your message the one the viewer retains.

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Event Display

Event branding is essential to creating a high-impact, professional and successful event.

It’s often the first opportunity for visitors to physically engage with your brand. Greenlight Web offer a vast range of branding options for events and prides itself on always providing options and flexibility in the design stage. We can supply everything you may need, from graphics, registration desks, and way-finding signs to full stage sets, AV screens, lighting, cameras and sound.

We work with partner printers, videographers and installation teams to provide an overall service that best suits your needs.

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Brand Protection

The team at Greenlight Web works in conjunction with colleagues in Greenlight Computers to advise clients on the best value methods to protect their brands.

Simple protections captured early can save significant legal and security challenges at a later date.

Registering your brand on the top 10 social media platforms can be completed in a single day and stops a malicious actor impersonating your brand and stealing your business later on.

Procuring associated domain names can de-risk the chance of phishing attacks using a similar domain name.

Talk to our team early about brand protection. We can still resolve challenges at a later date, but prevention is far cheaper than litigation.

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Branding Oyster

The Greenlight Web team loves to work with new and interesting companies to build sustainable and memorable brands. Whether you are launching a new brand, rebranding a current one, or merging with another, we are here to help.

Confidential consultations are free of charge with Greenlight Web.