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Why Is Social Media So Important In Today’s World And How You Can Utilise It For Your Business!

Why Is Social Media So Important In Today’s World And How You Can Utilise It For Your Business! - Featured image

Social media marketing has very quickly become an essential business tool for companies that allows them to use social media platforms to connect and engage with their target market, potential customers, and existing ones. Billions of people are active on social media and no matter who your target market is, there are thousands and thousands of them active on multiple social media platforms that you can engage with and help spread awareness of your company and brand.

The main platforms that businesses tend to use are LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and now with its spring to success in 2020, TikTok.

Breaking a myth

Many people think that you need to be on all social media platforms to be effectively using it as a business tool, this could not be further from the truth. We can help businesses decided on which platforms would be the most relevant and appropriate to efficiently reach their target market.

Decision-makers and influencers use social media to search for potential partners but also to validate their potential selections. Blog articles, social media posts, followers and reviews are all used to check out a business and its services. Therefore, it is crucial that your business have a high-quality presence on the relevant platforms for the target market. For example, if you are a beauty salon, clients will check platforms such as Facebook for reviews, opening times, photos etc. An engineering business is more likely to be seen on LinkedInInstagram or YouTube if they post instructional video content.

Why is social media so important?

Brand Awareness

Social media is a fantastic way of spreading your brand awareness and attracting your target market. Increasing your online presence can show clients/potential clients, what type of company you are, provide evidence of your services and a feeling of how responsive and effective your engagement is.

You should not be afraid to have a play with wording, imagery etc and test out what works and what does not. Having a high activity rate can show people that you are an active and engaging company, delivering high-quality posts with tips for the readers will demonstrate your expertise.


Engagement with other people’s posts in relevant areas is a crucial task in social media. If you recognise good work in others they often reciprocate, and you gain a following both for your knowledge and approach. Engage actively with existing followers as well as any audience you are trying to reach. Having high engagement with people, businesses, charities etc can help grow a community within social media and help boost your image as well impressions. Higher engagement means a higher chance of people seeing your posts in the future.

A lot of businesses outsource to social media experts like Greenlight Web as they do not have the necessary time or skill set to effectively engage or carry out social media successfully. At Greenlight Web, we pride ourselves on having a high standard of customer service and response and a willingness to invest in understanding your business and marketplace, before embarking on a social media service.

Promotion and paid media

Some social media platforms allow businesses to promote their pages, posts and videos to targeted accounts and people through a tailored demographic that you can create and edit. These platforms, like Facebook and Instagram for example, can present you with analytics to thoroughly understand how effective the promotions are, these can help you boost your success through posts. Reviewing the promotions can always allow you to change anything that was not performing in the way you were hoping and trial different aspects that will provide more successful results.

The Greenlight Web team are always happy to review data and analytics and provide clients with strategic direction on how best to invest a paid promotion budget.

Do you need help and/or advice on your social media?

If you need help with your social media, here at Greenlight Web, we will happily discuss your options, platforms, and strategies with you. Speak to our team of experts today to effectively start using social media marketing for your business.