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Frequently Asked Questions

As a digital solutions agency, we develop web applications for our customers, please talk to a member of our team for more details.
Yes, we can help with moving from one provider to another and we offer a competitive hosting package to bring your website to us, so everything is supported under one roof.

Yes, we can offer marketing packages tailored to your needs and budget. Please get in touch to discuss a marketing package with us.

Yes, we offer a support service that can cover regular updates, backups and maintenance of your website. Get in touch to learn more.
Yes, all websites we host come with an SSL bundled with your hosting package.
We have a brilliant team who specialise in SEO. They will analyse your website through analytics and user experience metrics, before making changes to give your website every chance of appearing on the first page of Google.

We have vast experience in managing social media, including LinkedIn training, feel free to contact us to discuss our services in more detail.


A responsive website is a website that works across all devices. Responsive means the website can automatically adjust to all screen sizes, essential in today’s mobile-first environment.
All our websites are bespoke to individual customers. Our websites and built on either WordPress or Shopify web platforms depending on which solution best fits the clients’ needs.
‘Domain registration’ is obtaining the name of a website, like The website itself is made up of images, text, plugins and more, which are all stored as files on the server. ‘Hosting’ relates to the server hosting these files – typically charged at a monthly rate.
In the first instance, we are happy to meet face to face or via a Teams/Zoom call to discuss your needs. We can set up regular meetings to present our progress to you. We have a dedicated Dropbox facility for the easy transfer of files. We will always be on-hand to answer your questions or give advice when needed.
Yes, we use several photo libraries for the purchase of Royalty Free images. We would always promote bespoke photography in the first instance – (where budgets allow), as a bespoke photo shoot gives you high resolution images that can be used without restriction across all your marketing activities – and can only ever be used by you. If budgets don’t quite stretch to bespoke photography, we can source high quality images for you from as little as £7.99 per image. (Please remember, there is always the chance that one of your competitors could be using the same RF image within their own marketing materials). We can advise on image styles and treatments to best suit your brand.
Yes, we can either work with content supplied, or we can create all the content for you. In the first instance we will work with you to understand your business and the goals you wish to achieve. We will look at the products or services you wish to promote and then look at how best to present those to your existing and potential new customers. Your website will be designed and built with user experience in mind. A well-structured user journey will be key to the success of your website. We have content writers and other skilled professionals on hand, photographers, videographers who can contribute to help develop your flagship website. This will be discussed further in our early consultancy stages if you wish to find out more.
Yes, we strive to ensure that your website works across all devices. Our team will check the design and functionality features, making sure that they perform perfectly at every user touchpoint.
Cost can vary depending on the amount of work required to design and develop a website with features and functionality best suited to meet the needs of yourself and your audience. We will work with you to develop a website that fits both your needs and overall budget. Talk to us today for guidance on how much your website might cost to develop.
There is no single answer that fits all – the websites we design and develop are tailored to the client’s specific needs. A website that requires more features is going to take longer to develop and build than one with more simple requirements. If you have a specific launch date in mind, we can work with you to help you achieve your deadline. Timescales for your project will be discussed during our early consultancy stage meeting.
Our headquarters is in the heart of Manchester, offering face-to-face support for clients in Greater Manchester. We also have staff in Hertfordshire who support the Greater London area. However, being a truly digital agency, we can and do work with clients across the UK and Europe, distance really isn’t an issue these days.
No, our first stage marketing and website consultancy discussions are free of charge. Please go ahead and give us a call, or complete the contact form, we are more than happy to answer all your questions.
We are a Creative Digital Marketing Agency delivering everything from ‘Branding’ – be it a brand refresh or a totally new identity, through Website Design, Development & Hosting’, to our ‘Digital Marketing’ suite of services – ‘SEO’, ‘PPC’, ‘Social Media’ and ‘email Marketing’. We also deliver traditional ‘Design for Print’ services too.

We support mostly WordPress based websites. Our team of developers have skills in other technologies, such as Shopify and hard-coded websites, but we love what WordPress offers and the benefits its brings. We will help you transition to a WordPress based website that is easily maintainable.

Of course, with our websites, we ensure that clients have full access. Our customers often want to add their own blogs, or make minor amendments. We are happy to provide that service.

We sure do! In fact, with each of our website launches, we provide a document that helps give your staff the basics of how to maintain a website for themselves – like adding blog posts. We can also offer more bespoke training sessions online where multiple people from your team can learn how to update the website for yourselves. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation – the process of improving your site to increase its visibility for relevant searches. The more your pages are found via searches, the better the chance of appearing on the front page of Google.
Greenlight Computers and Greenlight Web can help bring your IT Support and Website under one roof. Our expert team will be a single point of service that helps deliver solutions for customers to work easier, smarter and more securely.
Greenlight Web have a proven track record of aiding clients make the most of SEO.