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7 Features That Your Homepage Must Have

7 Features That Your Homepage Must Have - Featured image

The homepage is the single most important page of any website, even more so than landing pages or your own store. The homepage is a window into your business and sets the branding for your company, it is often the most visited page and is where first impressions count. Therefore, we are talking about the features that your homepage must-have.

Overview of your business

Immediately, the homepage should provide an overview of what your website is for. Your website is the place where people will go, to learn more about the credibility of your enterprise. The content of your homepage should not be too text-heavy but built in an SEO conscious format to ensure you rank high for the keywords you target. Utilise the other pages of your website, like an ‘About Us’ page, to provide granular details.

Simple navigation

Navigation is essential for any website. One-page websites really do not do well in the modern-day, as you are unable to differentiate the purpose of a single page. The homepage should be thought of as a hub for other content. You want to make sure that navigation to different parts of your website is easy and accessible, allowing for both users and search engine spiders to map your site. Build from the homepage outward, and you will have a template to follow for other pages created.

Provide your homepage a purpose

The purpose of a homepage is to act as a shopfront for passing visitors. It offers a valuable spot for attracting leads due to the sheer amount of traffic the page will get. Placing a call to actions on the homepage can dramatically improve conversions – but be careful, make the homepage too salesy and you will lose the trust of visitors. The call to actions can be to simply obtain newsletter sign-ups or an enquiries form that provides the visitor with a free trial, while the lead is forwarded to your sales team.

Suitable imagery

Imagery is important on the homepage. Consider the products you sell, the location your business operates and the sector within which you work. The more enticing the imagery, the more professional your site will look. Stock imagery websites can help to provide the content you are missing – though be careful, too many of these will make your website feel phoney.

Set your branding

Speaking of which, branding is also essential to come across on your homepage too. Think of company colours, the fonts that are used and if you have a physical presence. You will want a consistent look and feel across different aspects of your business. Work with a colour palette if you don’t already have one to determine which colours work well with each other – or speak to our design team for their expertise.

Contact Details

Finally, the homepage should make it clear and simple to find the contact details of your company. If you have a physical store, then make it prominent in the footer. If you support a geographic area, then make that clear in the homepage content. Any social media your company has is also essential to be put on to your website too. It helps to provide authority to your social media accounts, where fans of your business can stay up to date in a more informal setting.

Do you need help with your website?

Utilising the above, you will be on the right track to get a great website up in no time. With these fundamentals, you can take these lessons and apply them throughout your website. Should you like to learn more, or for help with your website, feel free to contact us. Our team of experts will happily discuss your options and strategies with you. See our case studies for examples of projects we’ve recently completed for more.