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Launching a new brand with a modest budget

JIM - Launching A New Brand With A Modest Budget

After many years of helping clients rebrand or launch new services the Greenlight Web team are proud to be marketing one of our own Greenlight Innovates brands, JIM Jobs in Manchester

In the highly competitive Job Board market our solution appears unique, totally focussed on a single Geographic area of Manchester. Most job boards build their audience on a National or International basis and become complex to navigate, JIM is and will stay simple, with one function of promoting Manchester jobs to Manchester people.

In January 2023 we established JIM as a separate website and with minimal funds and clever marketing techniques we have kick started something that could go viral in 2024.

The unique visitor traffic to the site is growing quickly as shown in the graph below:

JIM Website Traffic Graph

In less than 12 months we have seen:

  • Over 2,100 visitors.
  • Over 400 jobs posted and promoted.
  • Over 600 application clicks on the jobs posted.
  • Over 1,400 social media followers
  • An offer to buy the website.
  • Two enquiries from other cities interested in a JIM website.
  • We are ambitious for growth in 2024 setting a goal of 200% traffic and follower increase.
  • Watch our progress on

If you have something to launch or your marketing is less than inspiring, then challenge the Greenlight Web team to make a difference. See what we can do for your business in 12 months.

To find out more, why not contact us at Greenlight Web, our team will be only too glad to answer any of your questions.