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Social Media for Business

Social Media For Business | Greenlight Web

Our small but beautifully formed team at Greenlight Web do some great things that really help our clients become more visible and generate leads. We felt it was time to start sharing a few of the “tricks of the trade” that anyone looking to boost their company visibility can do.

Brand Protection – Know Your Socials

Early-stage businesses often setup pages on the Social Media platforms they are most comfortable with B2C businesses typically use Facebook and Instagram, B2B tend to focus on LinkedIn. It is however important to claim your Brand across a wider range of social media platforms, if you don’t claim it, you leave the door open for someone else to!

We have seen many an example of hackers claiming pages and diverting traffic to other 3rd parties using back hat techniques, our tip is to take control early and minimise the risk for the future.

We recommend claiming your brand page on the following platforms to safeguard your brand.

A B2B social media platform that is primarily made up of young professionals.

Mainly used by businesses for B2C as a customer support role. Twitter is in a state of flux due to its new management and ownership, it’s exciting to see what the future looks like for Twitter.

A B2C oriented platform, still the platform with the largest number of users. Great for PPC advertising, eCommerce businesses excel on Facebook.

B2C oriented alike Facebook, both are part of Meta and share advertising across both platforms. The platform is completely image/video based so businesses that are visual or in an interesting sector have a step up when it comes to Instagram.

Can work for both B2B & B2C as YouTube video content is consumed by everyone, there isn’t really a standout demographic when it comes to YouTube’s 2.1 billion monthly active users. YouTubes users covers people of all ages, genders and background evenly so there will be an audience for your business within its users.

Very B2C, with 80% of its users being female. As an image-based platform it is great for eCommerce.

Mainly B2C, with most of its users being under 35. TikTok consists of quick video content that is very trend based, similar to Instagram some business have a easier time of making TikTok work due to their field being visual or more interesting to the masses.

Both B2C & B2B. Vimeo is great for hosting video content and gatekeeping content that can be used for both customers and targeting businesses. Vimeo is far more specialised than YouTube.

Both B2B & B2C. Medium is a blogging platform used to show your expertise in a field or subject.

A B2C forum-based platform that is heavily moderated by user created groups. Used as a news/informative platform with a majority male userbase and around 50% of the users are American.

Social Media Platforms Alt

Other social platforms of note.

A chatroom-based platform that is very much B2C. Can be used for customer support and for users testing products.

As a streaming platform Twitch is primarily B2C. Twitch can take a lot of work to set up and run but it can be a direct route to talking to your audience.  

The newest social media platform from Meta, seen as a direct competitor to Twitter. Currently this platform is B2C in its bare bones state. The future of this platform is unknown but with time and feature updates Threads could be just as impactful as Facebook and Instagram with plans for integrating the 3 platform feeds together.

If you are comfortable with social media this is relatively simple, if you are not comfortable the Greenlight Web team would be happy to provide the service. All 10 should easily be claimed in a single day, protecting your brand for the long term.

Once you have claimed the pages on each platform you can leave most of them dormant and focus on the two or three platforms you feel best for your target markets and marketing goals.

Thanks for reading, we hope it helps.

Greenlight Web – Digital Marketing Team