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The Fight Against Cyber Crime Escalates

The Fight Against Cyber Crime Escalates - Featured image

Cyber threats continue to grow, sadly, during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown across the globe. The press is full of nightmare stories, but the big players are battling hard to keep us all safe.

Here are some examples that act as both:

  • Warning to be vigilant (if in doubt don’t click) and
  • Confidence that the IT industry is pushing hard to stop the criminals

Links to the best articles, commentaries and tips to protect yourselves online.

From BBC news

Google blocking 18m coronavirus scam emails every day.

Coronavirus: How hackers are preying on fears of Covid-19!

From Computer Weekly

Coronavirus probably the largest Cyber threats ever?


Beware scams exploiting coronavirus fears with tips on how to safeguard.

From Microsoft

Microsoft shares new threat intelligence, security guidance during global crisis.

From National Cyber Security Centre

Advisory: COVID-19 exploited by malicious cyber actors.

If all of this is overloading you and you would like an IT health-check or some specialist advice please contact the Greenlight Computers team and they will advise the best course of action.