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The positives and challenges of working in a hybrid work environment.

The positives and challenges of a hybrid work environment.

We have a great team of creatives and developers here at Greenlight Web, all of whom live in different areas across the Northwest. Now that we have settled in at Sci-Tech Daresbury we are bringing everyone back to the new office for team collaboration days.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid working environments are now very much the norm as companies look for ways to balance the benefits of working from home with the many advantages of working in the office.

Working from home saves on travel time which can better be used to either, give additional time to complete work tasks and projects, or alternatively, can be used to better fit external commitments and personal responsibilities more efficiently around the hours of the more traditional working day. However, working in the office allows for better collaboration and increased social interaction, which are beneficial for both team building and creative output.

As a team of creatives and developers, we all work differently, some like to listen to music whilst working and can work more efficiently at different times of the day, whilst others enjoy a more structured and quiet working environment to focus and complete tasks within a more structured traditional office timeframe.

In reality, hybrid working is a balance – the Greenlight Web team appreciate the flexibility that working from home gives them, but they also appreciate the benefits of ‘in-person’ collaboration and team brainstorming for the benefit of the creative process, – increasing creative thinking to better deliver effective solutions for our clients.