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How to Get Work Experience in Web Design Manchester

How to Get Work Experience in Web Design Manchester - Featured image

Getting your foot in the door is perhaps the hardest stage of anyone wanting to start their career. You may have gone through roles that didn’t quite fit what you were looking for long term. Or perhaps, you are fresh-faced and ready to take on your passion.

Greenlight Web is here to break down what it takes to make it in getting work experience in Web Design. Greenlight Web are in the heart of Manchester, so it’s only right that we discuss the best opportunities for someone to catch our eye and become a part of our Digital Marketing enterprise.

Research Web Design, is it for you?

The best place to start is for you to determine which role suits you the best. Research into the industry and figure out whether it is Web Design that you really want to get into. There are a variety of roles in our industry, from development, design, SEO, project management… The list really goes on. You need to be certain you know what you are applying for. When we are interviewing for such positions, we want to know the background of your character. Like which technologies have you used in the past? And why exactly do you want this role?

If you struggle with these questions, then it is a red flag. We want to know that you are in this for the long haul. We want to see a passion behind the eyes that shows that you are dependable and driven to seek opportunities to improve.

Portfolio, Portfolio, Portfolio

The greatest asset to any creative person is their portfolio. We want to see where you have been creative in the past. Where you have stepped above and beyond to deliver an excellent experience to an end-user.

Having your own portfolio website is a fantastic place to start. If you have your own portfolio website, with project-based work that you have completed in your past, you instantly stand out from the pack. We want to see your work. Particularly if your creations are available on the internet, even better for us to get hands-on with your design.

If you haven’t got commercial experience being a web designer, then we want to see the projects you do in your spare time. Creating web designs isn’t limited by the job title you have. You may have your own side hustles where you’ve created a website perhaps or a coding project. We want to see it all. If you have certifications, even better.

Give us some personality

The personality forms a big part of an interview. We want the appropriate tone of voice and professionalism as it will reflect how you will work with our working practices and with our clients. We want to know the person behind the CV, so any details about your hobbies, interests and how you stay up to date in the online world is a great insight we are seeking. Greenlight Web want to see ambition, creativity, and skill. It’ll give us an indication of how you will communicate with our clients, so any demonstration of where you have gone above and beyond helps too.

We are always on the lookout for new staff to join our team, so please visit our jobs page here for the latest vacancies. Otherwise, we wish you the best of luck in your search for a web design job in Manchester.