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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Web Design Company

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Web Design Company - Featured image
We often find clients who come to us with websites that they have had a friend of the owner develop. There is no denying that some of these websites can be great, but for most of the time, better opportunities can be had with a local web design company such as Greenlight Web in Manchester.

Professional designers

Designers who live and breathe web design know what is on-trend, and what will work long term for your website. They can ask the right questions to best determine how to design a website that will suit your goals. Professional designers consider aspects that an amateur often overlooks, like what typography works with the feel of a website a client is seeking. Hiring a professional web design company means that you will get a sleek, unique design for your brand credibility, which only helps boost your online ranking.

24/7 support and serviceability

Web design companies have different services that offer their clients added value going forward too, even after the site has been created. They have support teams that ensure their clients’ websites are always up to date, and therefore safe from vulnerabilities and being hacked. Our maintenance contracts also cover testing the functionality and uptime of websites, so we are alerted when a website is down, even before clients see there has been a problem. Hiring a local web design company helps to ensure that the uptime of a website is always the top priority. The service packages we provide mean we are always on the lookout for your business, ensuring that you stay up to date with the latest in the web world and ranking high in search engine results.

Optimised hosting

Web design companies create websites like it’s their bread and butter. So, what we do, is vouch for our clients, ensuring that they get the best possible service. There are website hosting companies that we use, that provide a bespoke environment for our WordPress based websites. The optimised hosting that Greenlight Web provides its clients means that they get super-fast speeds and features like CDN functionality and automated backups. These technical features that provide such a boost in performance, means that the visitors of the website get a sleek and fast web experience. Google takes this very much into account, and our SEO team use the latest tools to ensure we follow their guidance to reach the first page.

On top of current trends

The web is changing all the time. From Flash disappearing to Comic Sans being fell by the wayside. Everything in the webspace is moving forward at an accelerating pace. At a time where a website is as important, if not more important than your literal shop window, you need your website to be current.

Staying on top of trends doesn’t mean a new lick of paint, but also keeping up to date with new technologies to push your website to the next level. Webp image formats, for example, are a great way of improving site speed ten-fold, without much difference noticed by the visitors of your site.

Ranking high in search engine results

Continual improvement is a cornerstone of web design companies. Greenlight Web for instance, often review clients websites to see what could be improved, and where times have changed for certain technologies – take responsive websites for instance, as the world turns mobile!

Google is at the forefront of where the web is going, as they have such a commanding position in the webspace (with 82.5% of all search traffic going through their engine*). At a digital marketing agency like Greenlight Web, it’s in our DNA to make websites that perform. We continually review our clients’ performance and where opportunities can be had to land higher on the Google search results board.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, get in touch today. We are available to discuss what is needed for your website project and where we can add real value.