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Great design is a prerequisite
to achieving Marketing Success

Design is not just how things look, design is all around us, it positively impacts on our lives every second of every day. From the moment we awake great design enables us to go about our day – achieving our goals effectively and efficiently, it keeps us safe and provides everything we need to prosper and grow.

Greenlight Web is a Manchester based digital design and brand development agency that utilizes great design to deliver creative communications solutions that Increase brand visibility, aid consumer engagement and nurture business growth.

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Branding & Identity
Designs for Businesses

A successful brand is born of an understanding of the needs and expectations of the consumer, the Greenlight digital team takes time to listen to clients and works in partnership to develop brand identities and brand stories that engage and positively impact on consumers everyday decision making.

More than just a logo, a brand helps shape people’s perceptions of your business, it encapsulates everything your customers think and feel about the products and services you offer. A strong brand will provide enormous value to your company, helping it stand out in the crowd and giving it a ‘competitive edge’ over others in your industry – This then enables you to engage and influence your target customers.

Read more about what branding is and why you should care!

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Marketing Design

Be it ‘digital marketing’ or ‘design for print’, strategic thinking coupled with beautiful design enables the delivery of key messages to your audience across every touchpoint. We understand the importance of building intelligent branding solutions that help clearly define your business and your core propositions in the marketplace.

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Professional Website Design

Our team of digital designers, developers, SEO and Social Media specialists work strategically to deliver Website design and online user journeys that not only maximise your growth potential, but deliver value and measurable success.

We specialise in WordPress website design which we build ‘mobile-first’, ensuring your website will have maximum impact no matter what size screen it is viewed on.

Greenlight Web deliver web designs that are responsive, secure, and evergreen.

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The Importance of UI/UX
in Defining Your Brand

Well-designed websites provide customers with engaging content and easy navigation, this enhances customer satisfaction and greatly improves ROI for your brand. It also helps your business reach, attract, engage, and convert leads, but to achieve this, you need to provide the best online experience to your visitors. You only get one chance at making a great first impression, good UI/UX design will positively impact on your customers online experience.

UI stands for User Interface design and is concerned with the design of the interface, focussing on the look and style of the content, colours, typography, button styling, design patterns and animations, motion and sound, all coming together to present your content in a multi-sensory pleasing way.

UX stands for User experience and is concerned with the usability of the site, product strategy, user research and information architecture, defining user journeys to enable the user to identify and locate required content quickly and effectively within a minimum number of clicks.

Google friendly design

Once live, our team provide the fuel required for your site to appear as high as possible within Google’s page rankings in relation to searches made by your target audiences. Best website performance metrics are defined by page speeds, effective SEO and recognised industry standard security solutions.

Post go-live support services help maintain best performance for your website on an on-going basis.

Click here to find out more about our post go-live support services.

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Social Media – Design

Your Social media journey starts with our team claiming your social media accounts for you and registering them under your brand name. This helps protect your brand by firstly, not allowing others to claim them with the aim of holding you to ransom for their purchase at a later point, and more importantly – stopping online criminals using them to pretend to be you. So, even if you never intend to have a live ‘facebook’ page for example, we will still claim it and ad a holding page to properly represent your brand on that platform.

Once claimed, our team can add logos and banners images and content which will be directly linked to from your website. A social media presence will build authority across your claimed social media outlets.

Click here if you are looking for help with Social Media marketing and design.

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Email Marketing – design that delivers conversions

The number one rule in marketing is to talk to your audience! If you’re not having conversations with your customers on a regular basis, you can be sure that your competitors are.

Professionally designed email marketing campaigns efficiently, quickly and cost effectively deliver your messages to your audience, be it simple tactical messages or crafted strategic campaigns, our email designers work with you to build emails that engage, excite and attract response.

Greenlight Web, working hand in hand with ‘Campaign Monitor’, the marketing industries, first choice software solution for the delivery of high performance email campaigns, offer a professional, secure, and sleek solution for your email marketing needs.

Get in touch and see what we can do for your business with Email Marketing.

Combine an efficient, seamless interface with professionally crafted design to see an increase in your brand reach, growth for your database of contacts and ultimately, an increase in the conversion of enquiries into sales.

Email Marketing benefits
  • Creating personalized content.
  • Collecting feedback and surveys.
  • Improving sales
  • Communicating with your audience.
  • Generating traffic to your site.
  • Sending timely campaigns.
  • Increasing leads.
  • Reaching the right people at the right time.
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Design for print

In the first instance, branding and Digital design is what most of our clients are interested in talking to us about. To maintain brand strength and continuity across all touchpoints, Greenlight Web also delivers a full suite of ‘design for print’ services for our customers.

From stationary design, brochures and marketing collateral design, through to infographic design, signage, exhibitions and portable display design, including photography and videography, our design teams work strategically to deliver a complete end-to-end design service for your brand.

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Event Management

Working in partnership with MBH, Greenlight Web delivers ‘events focussed’ website design and build solutions. For businesses that maintain a packed calendar of events throughout the year, Greenlight Web develop online ticketing systems that enable businesses to create and manage their own ticketing operations, rather than having to use a third party like Eventbrite. Our solutions are easy to use, and SEO friendly.

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Video & Multimedia

We work in partnership with a number of skilled videographers to bring video content to your website or corporate presentations. Video adds depth and excitement to any piece of storytelling and can be edited to include graphics and text content to help deliver ‘best viewer experiences’. We create brand stories for social media, editing for best formats and durations to achieve the desired impact across your all your preferred platforms.

To enquire more about what Greenlight Web can do for your business, get in touch today.