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Create SEO Power Pages to Improve Authority

What is a Power Page?

A power page (also known as a Pillar Page or cornerstone content) is a comprehensive, high-quality piece of content that serves as the central hub for a specific topic or theme. It is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the subject and link to related subtopics or clusters of content within the same domain.

Power pages play a crucial role in improving website structure, enhancing user experience, and boosting organic search rankings. They serve as the main entry point for users seeking information on a particular topic and provide a roadmap to more detailed subtopics or related content.

By organising and interlinking content, websites can establish their authority on the subject and help search engines understand the site’s overall relevance.

Characteristics and best practices for creating effective power pages.

  1. Topic clusters – Select broad, overarching topics that align with the website’s niche or industry. These topics should be comprehensive enough to cover multiple subtopics and provide value to the target audience.

  2. Structure – Use clear headings and subheadings to guide users through the content and facilitate easy navigation.

  3. Incorporate internal links to related subtopics or cluster pages within the same domain. These internal links help search engines identify the relationships between content pieces and contribute to a coherent website structure

  4. Aim to provide comprehensive information, insights, and answers to common questions related to the topic. By offering valuable and authoritative content, websites can establish themselves as reliable sources and attract backlinks from other publishers.
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Optimisation and maintenance

Websites should regularly update and expand their power pages and related posts to ensure they remain relevant and up-to-date. This can involve adding new information, incorporating user feedback, or refreshing the page with current statistics or examples. 

Promotion and distribution

Websites should actively share and promote their power pages and related posts through various channels, such as social media, newsletters, and even reach out to industry experts. By increasing the visibility and reach of power pages, websites can attract more traffic and backlinks. 


In summary, Power Pages are comprehensive, central content hubs that serve as the main collection point for a specific topic. They enhance website structure, user experience, and search rankings by providing a comprehensive overview and linking to related subtopics. By following these best practices, websites can strengthen their authority about that topic, product or service.