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Case Study

WTV – Warrington MOT & Service Centre

Building an Automotive brand dedicated to safety & customer satisfaction

Our Services

  • Brand Design & Development

  • Website Design & Development

  • External Signage

  • PPC Recruitment Campaign

About Warrington MOT & Service Centre

Warrington MOT & Service Centre is a fully equipped MOT, Service & Repair centre servicing both commercial Fleet vehicles and private cars. Vehicles are serviced by highly skilled, professionally trained technicians at their brand new fully equipped state-of-the-art service centre in Warrington.

The Brief

Our task was to develop a new brand identity to present the two sides of the business, commercial vehicles and private cars. A brand new website was required and external signage for the new premises was also required to quickly introduce this newly relocated business to its surrounding target customers. The new brand needed to be visually strong on both screen and in print and reflect WTV’s values as a trustworthy and capable business – now at the forefront of the automotive vehicle servicing sector.

Our Approach

We worked with the WTV team to understand their business goals. We researched the sector and looked at competitors within the surrounding area to help position the business in the market place. Our goal was to deliver standout for WTV in this highly competitive sector.

  • Brand logo development
  • Design and develop a WordPress Website to define and present the WTV MOT, Service & Repair servicing proposition
  • Design and develop marketing campaigns to promote the business within the local area and including ongoing recruitment drives
WTV Mechanic

Our Solution

Branding and Logo Development

Greenlight Web created a clean and bold brand logo styling that focuses on the ‘WTV’ lettering – relating to ‘Warrington Truck & Van’ the name that existing commercial vehicle customers recognise and relate to. The ‘Warrington MOT and Service Centre’ – is the new business name and is all inclusive in terms of relating to cars as well as commercial vehicles.

The brand colours are bright and eye catching to enable the logo to stand out both on Garage signage and also vehicle livery, which together with the website are the main customer touchpoints. The colours are also closely linked to a local well known sports team that WTV sponsor.

WTV Stacked Logo
WTV Commercial Logo Stacked
WTV Screen 1
WTV Screen 2

Website Design and Development

The WTV website was designed with two audiences in mind. Firstly, local residents looking to have their car or small van serviced & MOT’d. And secondly, commercial vehicle fleet owners looking for reliable skilled technicians capable of getting their vehicles fixed and safely back on the road in as little time as possible. The website is split into two halves – easy to use navigation quickly guides visitors to the information they are searching for within a minimum number of clicks.

Recruitment Focus

With business success comes growth, WTV have grown quickly over recent years and find themselves continuously on the look out for new recruits to join the WTV team. With the Automotive sector experiencing a shortage of experienced Mechanics and technicians, it was important to establish a careers page for WTV to enable candidates to view new vacancies, register their interest in joining WTV and apply for live jobs.

WTV Website Careers
Warrington Truck & Van mobile

Recruitment Campaigns

As part of a recruitment drive for the business, we discussed ‘key word’ bidding strategies in relation to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns and spent time with the team to define target audiences for ideal candidate identification. To achieve longer-term recruitment goals, we proposed Social Media campaigns to run in parallel across the various social platforms.

WTV Signage 1
WTV Signage 2
WTV Signage 3

Bespoke Signage Design & Installation

The WTV Service Centre inhabits a large purpose built industrial unit close to the M62 in Warrington. There are two large Garage spaces, one dedicated to commercial vehicles and the second holds many MOT and testing stations for servicing small vans and cars. Greenlight Web created large bold

signage for both entrances of the building and along the lengths of the building, that not only directed visitors to specific entrances, but also acted as bold advertising displays, attracting the eyes of the passing public, informing them of contact details, opening hours and services.

WTV Stationary

Corporate stationery and branded templates – designed to allow the business to create its own information guides data sheets and price lists for display and distribution.

WTV Stationary

Corporate stationery and branded templates – designed to allow the business to create its own information guides data sheets and price lists for display and distribution.