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Oyster Venture Partners – Corporate Finance

Helping Oyster Venture Partners tell Investment Stories for Great Teams and Technologies

Our Services

  • Brand Design & Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing

About Oyster Venture Partners

Oyster Venture Partners is a next generation corporate finance advisory firm supporting life science, healthcare and health-tech companies with their capital raising and sell-side/buy-side transactions. Their first hand experience in these sectors have enabled them to establish a new approach to fundraising that provides the necessary sector and transaction skill-sets required for these cutting edge sectors.

Oyster Venture Partners - Doctor in conversation with pharmaceutical representative

The Brief

Part of the challenge was to develop a Brand Identity and corporate logo that was not only modern, but at the same time appeared well established within the sector. The overall branding needed to reflect an assured confidence, high quality and an overall feel of capability on a global scale.

Our Approach

We worked with the team to fully understand their business and researched the sector to identify a clear direction for the brand. We looked at colourways and graphics styling to sit across the following communications tools and presentation solutions.

  • Brand logo development
  • Design and develop a WordPress Website to define ‘Oyster Venture Partners’ unique approach to Fundraising across the Life Science and Healthcare sectors
  • Design and develop a new slide deck to help Oyster present their hands-on approach in supporting early to mid-stage life science and healthcare companies with preparation and execution of their investment raising strategies

Our Solution

Corporate logo development

Greenlight Web designed and created a series of logo designs and colourways. The logo graphics focused on the Oyster theme showing a central pearl element linking to points of contact around a graphical globe. The colours represented the two target groups that would benefit with the services provided by Oyster Venture Partners – Global Investors and Health-Tech Entrepreneurs.

Oyster Venture Partners logo
Oyster Venture Partners logo process
Oyster Venture Partners desktop

Digital Marketing

Oyster Venture Partners adopt a multi faceted approach to communicating their significant sector expertise to healthcare, science and technology innovators. Stories of fresh approaches and solutions to the securing of next stage investments whilst optimising exit strategies for their businesses – are conveyed via e-campaigns that engage target audiences and drive desired responses.

Greenlight Web create engaging email campaigns that get results and look greate across all devices. Each e-shot is distributed with a call the action enabling recipients to respond as appropriate. Direct links take interested parties to key pages within the Oyster Venture Partners website to find out more. Analytics are monitored to gauge engagement per individual message send and ultimately, the performance of the overall campaign.

Oyster Venture Partners - Marketing Banner
Oyster Venture Partners - Marketing Banner
Oyster Venture Partners desktop
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