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Dog Detectives – Specialist Search Dogs

Sending in the Detectives!
Buliding on Global Success, right here in the UK

Our Services

  • Brand Development
  • Website Design & Development

About Dog Detectives

From their UK Training Academy, Dog Detectives have become the UK’s largest exporter of Detection Dogs worldwide. Over the past 20+ years, Dog Detectives have trained 1000s of dogs for customers including The UN (54 Explosive Detection Dogs currently deployed). Experienced instructors have also delivered the most up to date handler training programs incorporating both learning theories, reward methods and practical training methods.

The Brief

The Challenge was to promote Dog Detectives to a relatively untapped UK based audience as global problems relating to the COVID-19 pandemic have hampered both travelling and exporting to potential customers outside of the UK.

Our Approach

The starting point was the Corporate logo and better defining visually the overall business proposition for the UK market. We then designed and built a new WordPress Website to better present the Dog Detectives services and solutions to UK based target customers.
  • Deliver a brand refresh introducing the ‘detection dog’ graphic into the existing logo
  • Design and develop a WordPress Website to promote Dog Detectives as the number one choice in the UK for the supply of high quality detection dogs
  • Update the corporate colour pallete to add clarification and consistency across all touchpoints both digital and in print
Dog Detectives - Airport search dog

Our Solution

Logo refresh

Although the existing logo was well established and liked in it’s present format, we felt the introduction of a ‘search dog’ graphic would visually help better inform and support the nature of the business. We continued with the landscape format as the logo will predominantly be visible within the website environment, across vehicle livery and on printed vinyl banners used for display purposes around buildings and at promotional events; all of which best suit the landscape format.
Dog Detectives - Search dog

Logo options and selected new logo

Dog Detectives logo process
Dog Detectives logo

Master vector logos were created for use across all applications. In Print – from brochures to large scale exhibition graphics. Digital applications – from the website to digital presentations. Plus other uses – embroidered workwear, embossing and more.

Dog Detectives desktop

Brochure Website design and development

To help re-launch Dog Detectives into the UK market, we developed a Brochure Website that focused on presenting the absolute expertise and wealth of experience built up over many years by the Dog Detective team in delivering search dog solutions for specialist requirements all over the world.
Key Disciplines were identified and case studies created to showcase the unique skills of both search dog and search dog trainer/handler. The client had a good stock of images taken of the search dog teams working together in ares as:- Explosive Detection, Drug Detection, Special Operations/Military (MWDs) and other detection areas:- Fire Investigation, Search & Rescue, Currency & Digital Media Storage Device detection.
Dog Detectives - K9 illustration
Dog Detectives - K9 illustration
Dog Detectives - K9 illustration