Project Description

Brand & website development for ‘Plus-Project’, Biostatistics CRO’

The Challenge

Plus-Project is an Employee Owned Biostatistics CRO formed in April 2014. With offices
in the UK, Poland & the Ukraine. Plus-Project offer highly talented teams of motivated
and skilled statisticians to deliver statistical consultancy services and support for it’s
growing Europe wide customer base.

The challenge was to develop a Brand Identity that positioned Plus-Project as a quality
services provider with skill-sets and competencies derived from decades of
experience and industry associations. A new website was also required to better
present Plus-Project’s key propositions to customers and importantly to further promote
the many benefits of employee ownership to help attract and retain additional skilled
statisticians within the business.

The Greenlight approach

In the first instance we developed a new brand logo to better present the name of the
business including a focused strapline to define the core proposition. We also refined
the colour palette to help modernise the look and feel of the logo and give additional
scope when dressing the new website with graphics.

• Redesign the brand logo and develop a strapline to present the business proposition
Design and develop a WordPress Website to better define the core offering and deliver a structured user journey to clearly present the range of statistical consultancy services
Update the colour palette and re-design key graphics for ongoing marketing activity
Design and develop a recruitment marketing campaign to recruit key staff Europe wide

Our Solution

Our Solution

Brand Design and Corporate Logo development
The existing logo was quite basic and missed the mark in terms of reflecting the name of the business and presenting the sector that the business sits within. Greenlight Web
designed and created a series of alternative logo designs and colourways, to present a
range of options for assessment and selection. The idea being to take the principles of the existing design but update it to better present the brand.
Plus Project | Greenlight Web

Our Solution

Previous Logo

Plus Project | Greenlight Web

A number of logo options presented for assessment and selection

Plus Project | Greenlight Web

Our Solution

Plus Project | Greenlight Web
Plus Project Logo | Greenlight Web

Selected logo in portrait and landscape formats

On-Site Photography
We undertook a day’s photography to capture a number of
key images for use within the new website and across marketing
and social media activity – various staff shots positioned formally –
within specific business groups, and then a series of more natural
poses taken as the teams continued with their work.

Plus Project | Greenlight Web
Plus Project Team | Greenlight Web
Plus Project | Greenlight Web
Website Design and Development
Following design and client approval, we developed a WordPress website that not only loads quickly and looks great, but is reliable, secure and offers visitors access to key content that enlightens and informs around the benefits of working with the teams at Plus-Project. Our solution presents clear and concise content that reflects the bespoke services, available to Plus-Project customers. Case studies tell the stories of projects completed were Plus-Project consultants were involved in all aspects of study design, analysis and reporting using real-world data, to advise on data capture best practice.
Plus Projects | Greenlight Web
Plus Projects | Greenlight Web

Recruitment Advertising
Following the successful launch of the new website we were asked to create a full colour, full page advert to be used within a number of business specific publications to help Plus-Project deliver a very concise message to potential future employees. As is often the way deadlines were tight, but following the client briefing, the team quickly pulled together a number of campaign ideas. Final artwork was created the same day and approved adverts were dispatched as high resolution print ready pdf’s to the various publications.

Plus Project | Greenlight Web
Plus Project | Greenlight Web

Promotional Work-wear and Merchandising
To further promote Plus-Project at key events – we delivered branded T-shirts for the team to wear on-stand and designed a number of promotional gift items – Pens and mugs,to be handed out to stand visitors.