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Creative Services

The research phase of any marketing project is critical to achieving success for your brand. We take time to listen to you, to fully understand your business solutions and propositions, as well as the needs of your ‘end-user’ customers.

We research your sector and your competitors to fully understand your position in the marketplace and look at sector trends to help define a route to market for your offering. Research data helps us outline a strategy that will help engage your audience and achieve ‘stand-out’ for your products or services.

Design is not just how things look, design is all around us, it positively impacts on our lives every second of every day. From the moment we awake great design enables us to go about our day – achieving our goals effectively and efficiently, it keeps us safe and provides everything we need to prosper and grow.

Greenlight Web is a Manchester based digital design and brand development agency that utilizes great design to deliver creative communications solutions that Increase brand visibility, aid consumer engagement and nurture business growth.

We specialize in developing WordPress websites that are fully responsive and meet the highest standards of both useability and functionality.

Greenlight Web promotes green, eco-friendly website development. Our providers, like Kualo, are selected not only for their outstanding Super-Fast, Secure & Stable Hosting services, but for their overall green ideology too. Our professional approach to web development means you’ll not only receive a website that is fully compliant with modern day security and performance standards, but is delivered with eco-friendly ‘net-zero carbon output’ hosting too.

Brand Protection covers everything from protecting your data online, claiming social media platforms to accelerating growth for your business via our tailored SEO services. Analytics monitor and report the performance of your website and we offer digital training for your team to help promote best operating practices.