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Case Study

Peak Proteins – Life Science CRO

A powerful SEO strategy that increased organic traffic by over 100% – year on year

Our Services

  • SEO Strategy

About Peak Proteins

Peak Proteins offer Protein Production and Structure Determination Services for Global clients. With a wealth of experience in the Drug Discovery environment Peak Protein scientists fulfil the needs for their clients for any part of the Gene to Structure Process

Peak Proteins tailor their professional services to fit clients requirements, whatever stage of the process they are at. From construct design, through to expression and purification of a desired protein. Whatever the end use, assay, high throughput screening, biophysics or crystallisation and X-ray structure determination, Peak Proteins supply proteins in a range of suitable formats.

Our Approach

After a review of the Peak Proteins website in terms of search engine visibility, Greenlight Web created a report with a number of actionable steps to help improve search results. For example, we noticed room for improvement with the team section of the website as it had all the team members consolidated onto a single page. The issue: only one page to optimise for all the team members with a popup box for each member that could not be properly optimised.
  • Run a full site review
  • Implement a standard SEO strategy to improve overall search results
  • Build website authority via individual page optimisation
Peak Proteins - Protein Expression and Protein Purification
Peak Proteins - Protein Mass Spectrometry
Peak Protein - Protein Crystallography and Structure Determination

Our Solution

A strategy for SEO success

Working with the Peak Proteins development and design team, we improved the Team section of the website by giving each team member their own page. This way we would be able to optimise the profile for each person. Most team members are prominent scientists and it would improve their own profile in search results as well as give the business more authority. We also implemented a standard SEO strategy to improve overall search results.

The Results

Traffic more than doubled within 1 year from around 970 visitors per month to around 2200 visitors per month. Customer enquiries improved and the website has more visibility online with good quality traffic. The fact that this is a pharmaceutical website that deals with SARS-CoV-2 proteins could be an additional factor for the increase in traffic. Being more visible in search results helped even more.
Peak Proteins - web traffic
Peak Proteins desktop