What Is SEO and How Can It Be Used Effectively?

SEO, for those that don’t know, is Search Engine Optimisation. It is now viewed as an essential piece of the marketing world. Many businesses who have websites or news/blog articles want their pages to be on the first search page of Google or other search engines. For this to happen, you need to have an understanding of SEO and how to successfully implement it. The world of SEO services is constantly evolving and developing so having an understanding of how SEO works towards efficient marketing.


What is SEO?

The basic definition of SEO is the method of increasing a business’ website visibility on any search engine. This method would then drive more attention and traffic to the website. When a person is conducting a search for what they are aiming to find. For example, if someone wanted to search for breakfast tea, the search engine would not present them with a website that specialises in coffee. They would be presented with best results to find them with exactly what they are looking for.

How do I Improve my SEO Ranking?

Research into the relevant keywords is a crucial factor of improving your SEO ranking and increasing chances for your website being seen. The words should be chosen based upon the subject, services, or overall business theme. These will then aid in driving relevant and qualified traffic to the website.

For SEO ranking, the search engine takes multiple aspects into consideration including web page titles, main body headings, tags, links and videos or pictures added in. This is where keywords become a very important aspect of marketing! If you want to attract the right target audience and traffic, it is vital to select the relevant keywords as the search engine index will sort through all the data to present the top search results. Therefore, you need to make sure that the keywords you use are relevant to what you are promoting.

Basically, to improve keyword ranking positions, you need to think about your content as a whole and what the user is looking for. A good strategy is to focus on the topic and doing thorough keyword research before writing your content. Break it down into subtopics and include relevant keywords. Answer questions the reader may be thinking about and answer these in short paragraphs if and where possible.

Headings, Images & Links.

When creating all content, you should always choose your words carefully, especially when it comes to headings. This is to ensure that when someone sees the headings, they know exactly what they will be reading in that certain aspect of the page or article.

Any images added should be of high quality and optimised so that they are eye-catching and relevant to the written content. You need to ensure that the images you have added have relevant and snappy titles rather than ‘Untitled’ for example.

Are you thinking of adding links to your content? As mentioned above, it is vital that any links you add are relevant to your content, the subject matter, and your business. Another main factor is that the links you post are up to date and interesting to the reader.

Do You Need Help with Your SEO?

If you would like to boost your company and/or website through SEO with relevant and eye-catching content, you can reach out to our SEO specialists today. We can talk through how we can help effectively optimise you to increase visibility and help to drive traffic to your site. Contact Greenlight Web today!