Announcing Some Exciting New Features: Website Auditing

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It is with great pride that we can un-box some exciting new features on our Greenlight Web website. For we release two features that both existing clients and those new to Greenlight Web can take full advantage of.

Free Website Auditing

First, we must talk about our auditing tool. Often, websites can be clunky, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Or, you don’t know why you aren’t getting the traffic that you expect. With our new automated auditing tool, you can get a free analysis and get yourself those all-important website grades.

Our tool is fantastic. All you do is head on over to and put in your email address and the website you want a full audit of. Your email is added to our quarterly newsletter, while you receive an instant audit with grades for your website.

The grading covers 5 key categories.

Automated website grading
  1. On-Page SEO

    What is the structure of your web pages? Do they fit the requirements of how Google will see the page? While your website may look very fancy, if it isn’t built in a manner of which search engine spiders can optimise for, you will always be losing on critical website traffic.

  2. Links

    How many websites have you got pointing to your site? The more domains you have pointing to you, the better. And the more authoritative the domains that are pointing to yours, even more so. Our website grader also looks at the formatting of your own links too. For instance, are they friendly? Do they have characters that are going to cause issues when a spider is trying to read them, or do they say exactly what is on the tin?

  3. Usability

    How responsive is the website? Does it work well and load fast on desktop and mobile? This auditing function looks at a set of critical metrics that Google has focussed on recently too, Google Core Web Vitals.

  4. Performance

    This takes a look at the loading times of your website and what is causing the delays. With our auditing tool, you can see where the issues lie and whether perhaps a change in technical strategy, like compressing and minification will help your business to lead on the website front.

  5. Social

    This simple check looks at what social networks you have connected to your website. It covers features like Facebook Pixel, which aid in retargeting visitors if you decide to use Facebook ads in the future.

Our auditing tool helps to provide a great overall picture of where your website sits today and the actionable points. The Greenlight Web website audit breaks your score down into website grades, ranging from A* to F. With our tool, you can see exactly what needs working on, and whether Greenlight Web can be the right Digital Marketing provider for you.

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For Comprehensive Website Benchmarking Audits

On top of our automated audit, we also offer a new service to our clients. The website benchmarking service compares you against your competitors and we use our expert inhouse staff to thoroughly analyse your website and see the opportunities that an automated tool may miss.

The prime benefit of our benchmarking is to see how you fare against your competitors and the actions you could take to leapfrog them in terms of traffic, leads and conversions. Speak to us today if you would like to take up this service.

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