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Our free website auditing tool will provide an in-depth analysis of your website by analysing how optimised it is. It takes in to account many metrics, from how it works in SEO, recommendations to improve your rankings, how well your business is set up for social media and so much more.

Try our no-obligation, hassle-free website audit below. All we require are your email address and the website you wish to have audited. You will also be added to our quarterly newsletter, where we promise no spam.

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Have your website reviewed by our automated program tool entirely for free. There is no obligation when having your website audited through us – all we ask is for the website to be reviewed and an email so we can contact you to see if Greenlight Web can help your business. We don’t require any further details or any payment information. So if you want your website to have your website reviewed and graded, come to us today and we can rank how you perform and our tips to help your website succeed. 

After inputting your website for review, you will receive a website grading report that contains rankings from A* to F, much like a school report. The website rankings cover a variety of website benchmarking tests, like how your site performs in SEO, Usability, Social Media, Performance and much more.  Our website audit tool finds everything right and wrong about your website all to make a better experience for your visitors and to get higher ranks in Google. 

The PDF you receive will show you in priority order the actions to take on your website to help take it to the next level. Displayed in an attractive, jargon-free format, you can take such an audit to get a feel for how your website presents itself to the internet and on mobile devices. Greenlight Web are the Digital Marketing experts in Manchester, so would be thrilled to offer our services and expertise to get the improvements into place as well as offer our professional, experienced eyes to take it one step further.  

For a Bespoke, Comprehensive Website Benchmarking Audit

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On top of this automated service, we also offer comprehensive website benchmarking audits. This includes a professional critique of your website and comparing how you perform against your competitors across a number of metrics.

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