Project Description

Bespoke online ticketing & digital engagement solutions for the ‘APS’

The Challenge

The Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS) is the UK-based professional membership body for Pharmaceutical Scientists. The APS represents individuals and organisations from around the globe, throughout their development, in the delivery
of excellence in the Pharmaceutical Science sector.

The Challenge for Greenlight was to develop a website that not only presented the APS as the perfect partner for individuals and organisations within this sector, but also offered an opportunity for the APS to maximise its membership growth potential via an improved website user experience and the development of social media marketing and Newsletters campaigns.

The Greenlight approach

Our first port of call would be to address the design of the corporate logo, creating a solution that better reflected the professionalism and importance of this specialist organisation. From there we needed to develop a website to better engage a growing number of visitors, championing innovation and promoting opportunity in the Pharmaceutical Sciences arena.

Design and develop a new website
• Re-define the corporate colours and how graphics and images are utilised throughout the site
• Design a Digital Newsletter & create a series of e-shots to be sent to the database
• Promoting key APS events throughout the year
• Develop a number of e-tools to assist in the online booking of events

Our Solution

Our Solution

Website Design and Development
The new APS website was developed to focus on two key things, firstly, to promote the many APS events that take place throughout the calendar year, and secondly, to promote the many benefits of membership which include; establishing and promoting the reputation of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Scientists, Influencing policy, furthering scientific knowledge and promoting careers for individuals and students alike.

Greenlight created a ‘mobile first’ WordPress solution that delivers a responsive user experience, enabling visitors to get the required information in as few a clicks as possible.

Our web development team use the highest levels of website development know how to deliver added functionality and data management capabilities. We test across a wide range of browsers and platforms to ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability.

APS | Greenlight Web
APS | Greenlight Web

Bespoke online ticketing system for APS events
APS maintain a packed calendar of events throughout the year with PharmSci being the flagship event in the pharmaceutical events calendar. As part of the website build, Greenlight developed an online ticketing system that enables the APS to create and manage their own ticketing operations. Rather than having to use a third party.

solutions provider like ‘Eventbrite’, APS can now administer their own tickets, which means they can retain customer details within a database, they can set their own terms and conditions, they have the ability to offer 30 or more ticket types and importantly they can make considerable cost savings through not having to pay commission.

APS | Greenlight Web
APS | Greenlight Web

Events promotion – Digital Marketing

APS | Greenlight Web